Plantema Memorial Lecture 2017

Presented by: Abraham Brot

Abraham Brot attended the Cooper Union School of Engineering (New York City) and received a BSME degree in 1961. He then attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, N.Y.) and received a MSME degree in 1964.

Mr. Brot began working in 1961 at a large aircraft engine facility as a structural engineer in the "Advanced Structures Group". He was involved in the analysis and testing of aircraft engine components, as well as "fuel-cells" for space applications. In time, he began to specialize in vibration and dynamic analyses and testing. In 1968 he became in-charge of developing and constructing a facility to perform acoustic fatigue testing of metallic panels. In this capacity, he led a team of several engineers.

In 1970, Mr. Brot joined Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) as a structural engineer. He was involved in structural and fatigue life analysis and testing for many military and civilian projects. In 1972 he became a group leader for the structural analysis of landing gear structures. In 1983 Mr. Brot became head of the "Fatigue and Landing Gear Department", a position he held until retirement in 2004. His department was also involved in R&D analysis and testing to support the fatigue analyses that were performed.

In 2004, Mr. Brot retired and immediately became a consultant to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). (The name of the company had been changed in the interim.) In addition to his normal duties as a consultant, Mr. Brot began building-up a comprehensive course in fatigue analysis, which he delivered many times in-house and also for outside groups. In 2016, Mr. Brot retired as a consultant to IAI, but continues to be active as an independent consultant.

In 1979, Mr. Brot attended the ICAF Conference and Symposium in Brussels. From that point, he attended every ICAF meeting until ICAF 2017 in Jerusalem. He presented many papers at ICAF and at other national and international conferences. In 2000, Mr. Brot became Israel's National Delegate to ICAF. He held this position until 2013, when he was replaced by Dr. Yuval Freed.